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Movilla Abbey Church
63 Movilla Road
BT23 8EZ

Tel: 07902863222 or
028 9181 9794


Opening Hours

MON 9.00am- 12 noon
TUES 9.00am- 12 noon
WED 9.00am- 12 noon
THURS 9.00am- 12 noon
FRI 9.00am- 12 noon

Monday-Friday 12 noon-1 pm

All Sessions- Term Time

Dates for your Diary

Monday 14th February - Friday 18th February
Monday 11th April - Friday 22nd April
Monday 2nd May
Wednesday 1st June - Training Day - Playgroup and Nursery closed
Thursday 2nd June and Friday 3rd June - Bank Holidays
Thursday 30th June - Last day of term
Holiday Calendar 2022-2023
Wednesday 24th August - First Day Back
Staff Training - Nursery Only - Monday 3rd October
Monday 31st October - Friday 4th Nov - Halloween Half Term
Thursday 22nd December - Wednesday 4th January - Christmas Holidays
Monday 13th February - Friday 17 February - Half Term
Monday 3rd April - Friday 14 April - Easter Holidays
Monday 1st May - Bank Holiday
Monday 29th May - Bank Holiday
Friday 30th June - Last Day

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Anti-Bullying Policy

Bullying can be defined as behaviour that is repeated, intended to hurt, persecute or intimidate weaker or smaller people, either physically or emotionally.

Bullying can ruin self-esteem, cause long term emotional harm and affect the ability to form relationships.

At Movilla Playgroup and Nursery:

  • Bullying of any kind by children, parents, staff, students or volunteers is unacceptable and will be challenged.
  • At no time will physical, emotional or verbal bullying be acceptable or tolerated.
  • Staff will be positive role models for the children and show mutual respect for each other.  Negative attitudes towards each other, students or children will be challenged.
  • All children will be respected individually and their potential recognised, valued and nurtured by all staff at all times.
  • All children will be encouraged to respect themselves, each other and the staff and parents at all times.
  • Victims will be supported and those responsible helped to understand and overcome their attitudes.
  • Differences whether physical, cultural, ethnic or religious will be promoted in a positive manner at the children’s level of understanding.