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Staff Training - Nursery Only - Monday 3rd October
Monday 31st October - Friday 4th Nov - Halloween Half Term
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Monday 13th February - Friday 17 February - Half Term
Monday 3rd April - Friday 14 April - Easter Holidays
Monday 1st May - Bank Holiday
Monday 29th May - Bank Holiday
Friday 30th June - Last Day

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Child Protection Policy

The Children (NI) Order 1995 has five main principles, the first being that “the welfare of the child is paramount”.

At Movilla Playgroup and Nursery we are committed to creating a safe environment which is free from abuse and where any suspicion of abuse is dealt with promptly and appropriately.  We work in co-operation with Health and Social Services Guidelines on Child Protection and have a designated person appointed to deal with these issues.


In accordance with Our Duty to Care and Trust Guidelines we are committed to safeguard children in our care by ensuring:

  • Pre-employment AccessNI and Social Services checks/vetting are carried out.
  • Carrying out pre-employment interviews.
  • All appointments will be subject to a probationary period.

We will endeavour to prevent abuse by means of good practice.  To achieve this we will ensure:

  1. that staff, during their induction process, will receive clear instructions on tasks and limits that apply.
  2. all staff will attend regular and ongoing training on:
  • the Trust’s procedures and the setting’s child protection policy and staff code of practice.
  • how to recognise signs of abuse.
  • what action to take.
  • how to protect children and self.

We will ensure that staff  have a clear vision of all the children in the room at all times.  Appropriate adult/child ratios will always be maintained and adults will not be left alone with individual children.

We will respond appropriately to suspicions of abuse by:

  • supporting children who make a disclosure by appropriate strategies.
  • carrying out ongoing observations and noting any concerning and significant changes in behaviour.
  • keeping appropriate records in accordance with confidentiality guidelines and the Data Protection Act

We will provide information by:

  • sharing any concerns only with those agencies who need to know.
  • involving parents and children appropriately.

Responding appropriately to suspicions of abuse

The child will be our first concern.  Any child whose condition or behaviour has given cause for concern will be listened to, reassured and helped to understand that they themselves are valued and respected. Movilla Playgroup and Nursery recognises that there are 5 different forms of abuse: physical, emotional, neglect, sexual and exploitation.

Parents will normally be the first point of reference but if unable to allay legitimate concerns the matter will also be taken up with Social Services.

In certain cases Social Services may be the first point of reference.

All such investigations will be kept confidential and shared only with those who need to know.  Those most commonly involved with be the Leaders, Key Worker and the staff member to whom the disclosure, or by whom, the findings are made.

Record Keeping

Where changes are observed in a child’s behaviour, physical condition or appearance, a specific and confidential record will be set up, separate from the ongoing records of children’s progress and development.  The record will include, in addition to the name, address and age of the child, timed and dated observations, describing objectively the child’s behaviour/appearance.  Where applicable the child’s exact words will be recorded.  The recorder will sign the report.

At no time will physical or verbal bullying be tolerated within the Playgroup and Nursery.

All children will be encouraged to respect and accept each other at all times.

Differences, whether physical, cultural, ethnic or religious, will be promoted in a positive manner at the children’s level of understanding.