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Movilla Abbey Church
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Opening Hours

MON 9.00am- 12 noon
TUES 9.00am- 12 noon
WED 9.00am- 12 noon
THURS 9.00am- 12 noon
FRI 9.00am- 12 noon

Monday-Friday 12 noon-1 pm

All Sessions- Term Time

Dates for your Diary

Monday 14th February - Friday 18th February
Monday 11th April - Friday 22nd April
Monday 2nd May
Wednesday 1st June - Training Day - Playgroup and Nursery closed
Thursday 2nd June and Friday 3rd June - Bank Holidays
Thursday 30th June - Last day of term
Holiday Calendar 2022-2023
Wednesday 24th August - First Day Back
Staff Training - Nursery Only - Monday 3rd October
Monday 31st October - Friday 4th Nov - Halloween Half Term
Thursday 22nd December - Wednesday 4th January - Christmas Holidays
Monday 13th February - Friday 17 February - Half Term
Monday 3rd April - Friday 14 April - Easter Holidays
Monday 1st May - Bank Holiday
Monday 29th May - Bank Holiday
Friday 30th June - Last Day

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Health and Safety Policy

The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child Article 24 states that, “Children have the right to be as healthy as possible, live and play in a safe healthy unpolluted environment and benefit from preventive health care and education.”

At Movilla Playgroup and Nursery we aim to provide the children with a healthy, safe, stimulating environment in which to work and play.

We promote healthy eating habits, healthy snacks and promote social skills.  Children with special dietary needs are catered for.


We will endeavour to maintain high levels of health and safety by ensuring that:


  • Parents will be made aware of car parking arrangements.
  • All outdoor areas and equipment will be checked and cleaned before being used by the children.
  • Checks will be made on the fencing around the play area.
  • Parents will be reminded and encouraged to follow 2m distancing whilst dropping off and collecting their child.


  • The layout of the room will be safe for the children to move freely around.
  • Activities which challenge and provide opportunities for success will be offered to meet the needs of the group.
  • The rooms will be bright and well ventilated.
  • Materials and equipment will be accessible and within the reach of all children including those with special educational needs.
  • Dressing up clothes, dolls’ clothes, and aprons will be washed regularly.
  • Staff will regularly carry out a healthy and safety check list.
  • Children will be encouraged to respect their environment and the equipment provided.  They will help to tidy away at the end of the session.
  • Staff and children will be appropriately dressed.
  • Safety mats will be in place when children are using the climbing frame.  These will be kept in good condition.
  • All staff are made aware of the correct procedures for lifting heavy equipment.
  • If a different person is collecting a child from Playgroup or Nursery parents/carers must inform staff beforehand.
  • Children may not enter the Playgroup or Nursery before 9 am and must be collected by 12 noon.
  • Written consent must be provided when children are going on outings etc.
  • Fire drills are carried out once a month.  These are recorded and fire equipment is checked and serviced regularly.  New staff will be made aware of the correct procedures in the event of an accident or emergency occurring during their induction.
  • All staff are aware of the assembly point in the event of a fire.
  • In an emergency staff assume their designated roles as quickly as possible.
  • Fire exits are not locked and access to them is kept clear at all times.
  • Electrical plug sockets are covered at all times.
  • All full time staff must hold a current First Aid certificate. There must be at least one member of staff in playgroup and nursery rooms who holds a current First Aid certificate.
  • A first aid box is available for staff when dealing with an accident.
  • All accidents/incidents are recorded in the accident book and signed by the member of staff who has witnessed the accident/incident.  Parents/carers are informed and will sign the record book.
  • If an accident requires treatment in a hospital HSENI will be informed.
  • Accidents may need to be reported to HSENI in relation to work-related deaths/serious injuries (to staff/children, “over three-day” injuries, work-related diseases, dangerous occurrences (near miss accidents).
  • Home accidents/incidents may need to be referred to Environmental Health and the Public Health Agency in relation to Infection Control. All accidents that require referral to these agencies are to be referred to the Early Years Team in the Trust.
  • Everyone will use hand sanitiser when entering and leaving the building – thorough hand washing will also happen on a regular basis throughout the session.


  • Children will not have access to the kitchen.
  • The Kitchen areas and work surfaces are kept clean and disinfected.
  • Bins are emptied regularly.
  • All tea towels and dishcloths are changed daily.
  • Food is stored separately in the fridge at the required temperature and kept covered at all times.
  • All fresh fruit and vegetables are washed before use.
  • Tables used at break-time are thoroughly cleaned before and after use.
  • The children’s and staff eating and drinking equipment is stored in the kitchen.
  • All dangerous cleaning substances are stored in a locked cupboard in the kitchen.
  • During Covid-19 only one staff member will be allowed to enter the kitchen due to limited spacing.


  • Equipment is checked on a regular basis for any damage.  Any item considered unsafe is repaired or replaced.
  • Children are supervised at all times when using materials and equipment.
  • The staff/child ratio will be adhered to in accordance with Social Services recommendations.
  • Equipment will be cleaned at the start and end of the session.

Maintenance of Church Property

Any faults regarding heating, lighting, water supply, general maintenance of the Church Property etc are to be immediately reported verbally to the Church Ministers and then the Church Committee should be informed by letter.


  • All staff and children wash their hands after using the toilet and before eating.
  • For illness – see Exclusion for Communicable Diseases Policy.
  • Parents/carers will be informed where cases of head lice are discovered.
  • All records kept on individuals are strictly confidential and are accessible only to that named person.

However, the legal principles that “the welfare of the child is paramount” (Children NI Order1995) means that the confidentiality comes second to the right of the child to be protected from harm.  (See also Child Protection Policy)

  • During Covid-19 all staff and children will wash hands and/or use hand sanitiser on a regular basis.
  • Children will be encouraged to cover mouths when coughing and to sneeze into tissues and bin immediately and then wash/sanitise hands.
  • Staff and children (parents) are encouraged to wash clothes daily.