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Movilla Abbey Church
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MON 9.00am- 12 noon
TUES 9.00am- 12 noon
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THURS 9.00am- 12 noon
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Monday-Friday 12 noon-1 pm

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Dates for your Diary

Monday 14th February - Friday 18th February
Monday 11th April - Friday 22nd April
Monday 2nd May
Wednesday 1st June - Training Day - Playgroup and Nursery closed
Thursday 2nd June and Friday 3rd June - Bank Holidays
Thursday 30th June - Last day of term
Holiday Calendar 2022-2023
Wednesday 24th August - First Day Back
Staff Training - Nursery Only - Monday 3rd October
Monday 31st October - Friday 4th Nov - Halloween Half Term
Thursday 22nd December - Wednesday 4th January - Christmas Holidays
Monday 13th February - Friday 17 February - Half Term
Monday 3rd April - Friday 14 April - Easter Holidays
Monday 1st May - Bank Holiday
Monday 29th May - Bank Holiday
Friday 30th June - Last Day

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Special Needs Policy

Our Playgroup and Nursery aim is to comply with the Northern Ireland Education Order 1996 Code of Practice on the Identification and Assessment of Special Educational Needs.

We are committed to the integration of children with Special Needs and will do our utmost to help them to overcome any disadvantages and to share in the same opportunities and activities as those around them.

In some cases consultation will take place with the parents, staff and specialists before the child is admitted to ensure their needs are fully understood and adequate provision is available.

A Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator will be appointed within the setting.

Staff will work closely and liaise with all specialists and programmes to give continuity to treatment where possible.

Staff will work with parents/carers as partners to give them and their child the support they will need.

We operate a system of observation and record-keeping which enables us to monitor children’s needs and progress on an individual basis.

Our Key Worker system ensures that each adult is specifically responsible for a maximum of seven children and each child receives quality one to one time on a regular basis.

Where extra staffing or equipment is required the Playgroup and Nursery will explore any available funding/sources in order to meet these needs.

Our staff constantly upgrades professional external or in-house special needs training.

Whenever possible we will promote positive images of those with special needs.

Our facility is on one level, easily accessible and provides toilets for those with special needs.